Breathing Gym Clinics

“I observed Tom McCaslin teaching the Breathing Gym (as my Teaching Assistant) for two school years in our daily studio class and in front of college and high school bands, over 300 observations! Tom is an Expert Teacher of the Breathing Gym !!”

 – Sam Pilafian, Co-Author of The Breathing Gym, Tuba player with Boston Brass Quintet and Brass Legend


Tom has extensive experience teaching the Breathing Gym concepts and lessons authored by the world famous Sam Pilafian and Patrick Sheridan.  Tom was a graduate teaching assistant of Mr.Pilafian’s at Arizona State University.


What does the Breathing Gym offer your young musicians?   


From the Focus on Music Website:

 “If you're looking to become a better musician you must first learn to become a better breather. The first steps in this process is to learn to control your air, airflow and breath capacity while developing both strength and flexibility. This approach works for both singers and instrumentalists equally.”




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What are educators saying about Tom’s teaching of the Breathing Gym?


 "Tom McCaslin made my group better every time he was in front of them. Through his personality and teaching of the Breathing Gym, the ECU Marching Pirates play with a more pure sound, a louder core and a focused ensemble breathing scheme. Any person and system that makes my group play more in tune while having fun is something I can wholeheartedly endorse!"

-Dr. Bill Staub, Director of Athletic Bands and Symphonic Band, East Carolina University


"Tom McCaslin is a master teacher and performer. His extensive knowledge of brass and breathing pedagogy inspired me to become the musician and teacher I am today. Even though I had been exposed to The Breathing Gym prior to my time with Tom, he made me a believer and forever changed how I approach making and teaching music."

-Kevin Ronan, Brass Instructor, Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps


 “Tom McCaslin possesses a unique ability in adapting the pedagogical techniques of Breathing Gym to symphonic bands, marching bands, orchestral winds, and students from beginners to professional in a way that meets each student/ensemble where they are and rapidly takes them to a higher level of sound production on their instruments.  The fundamental skills he teaches are the same that are used by the top performing ensembles all over the world.  I have had the pleasure of having Tom work with a variety of my ensembles and I am always amazed at his ability to connect with the student performers in a way that makes them better musicians and citizens just from working with him.”

 - Dr. Jon Franklin, Director of Symphony Band/Athletic Bands, Kent State University

 “Tom McCaslin works wonders with music students!  His use of the Breathing Gym and other strategies have helped my students become better players and musicians.  He is definitely someone that you should have work with your band!”

 -Dustin Chilson , Director of Bands, Orange Grove Middle School, Tucson Arizona


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