What are people saying?

"lf this recital doesn't convert you to the lyricism of the tuba, nothing will. Contrary to the tuba's oft-imagined "oom-pah" stigma, the instrument can be as pliable, lyical and musically multi-dimensional as its brass brethren, at least when Tom McCaslin's extraordinary virtuosity and musicianship is concerned." -Gramophone Magazine


"This is not your grandfather’s tuba, the genial, lovable purveyor of polka oom-pah-pahs or even the deep anchor of symphonic brass sections and marching bands. This is a flexible, agile instrument with a wide compass, capable of everything from sweet-toned lyricism to growling assertiveness, its latent attributes fleshed out by multiphonics, whoops, splats, and prerecorded sounds. Tom McCaslin, one of a growing number of contemporary tuba virtuosos, seems to be having a great time performing this imaginatively programmed recital, in the process awakening listeners to the instrument’s capabilities......But for those who, like me, don’t get to hear much of this music, this CD was an ear-opener."-Fanfare Magazine


"McCaslin's technical abilities are brilliant and his musicianship is inspiring. Let's hope that he continues to be a tubist's Indiana Jones searching for lost and new treasures around the world for our repertoire! - International Tuba and Euphonium Association Journal


"Hopefully this CD will serve to inspire the “next generation” of young tubists who will hear and accept this as regular playing, and strive to push the limits even further."  International Tuba and Euphonium Association Journal


"Canadian tubist Tom McCaslin presented a program that was musically buoyant and technically jaw dropping." -International Tuba and Euphonium Association Journal


"Once again Crystal Records casts its capacious net and lands some fish. The tuba and piano combination is not one that immediately brings to mind many imperishable masterpieces but this disc runs the gamut of stylistic affiliations to produce some intriguing examples of the genre - and also not of the genre......Splendid performances then are allied to good sound and an eclectic, never off-putting repertoire."-MusicWeb International